Social Media & Viral Marketing

Social Media Marketing can be a powerful branding vehicle when it’s part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. It serves as a valuable tool to link prospects to your website, where they can start a conversation with you. It can also help establish your company as thought leader by promoting events, articles written, board affiliations, etc.

Many people think of social media marketing as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter but that is the tip of the iceberg. Social media marketing involves any web platform that prompts dialogue between users. There are numerous industry-specific web platforms where dialogue occurs. TRM Marketing identifies forums where your company should be active, getting you in front of prospects, strategic partners, and current clients and positioning your company/brand as a leader in its market.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is based on natural behavior, uses preexisting social networks, and produces increased brand awareness through self-replicating processes similar to the spread of a virus.

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Why use social media?

By integrating your marketing across multiple channels you reach a broader audience. The same is true offline and online. However these days, people have reached a certain level of expectation when it comes to your online presence. It can actually hurt your company’s brand if you do not at least have a Facebook page, website or even a Twitter account.



Building relationships is a key component to acquiring followers and creating a sense of community. It is also a key component in generating leads and converting those leads to sales.  We are lucky, as marketers, to have access to these communication platforms today. The trick to benefiting from utilization of these platforms is actually just that, utilizing these platforms. Change can be daunting but remember that if the change within your company is not keeping up with change that is outside your company, you are sure to fall behind.