How Important are Google Page Rankings?

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Here at TRM we get this question a lot. What impact does a first place ranking vs a second place ranking give you as well as first page vs second page ranking. To answer this, we fall back on data that was obtained via a breach of AOL’s search engine results page (SERP) click-through rate information. This was at a time when almost all searches were performed on desktop systems and there was no real local search implemented, these advances in search technology in our assessment would have an even larger impact on the drop off between SERP rankings and click-throughs. Of the obtained information, there were 36,389,567 search queries run with 19,434,540 click-throughs. So what do the figures tell us? The #1 organic search result received 42.3% of all click-throughs whereas the #2 position received 11.92% of all click-throughs. That is just about 72% less than the #1 placed SERP. The #3 ranked result had a click-through rate of 8.44%, which is almost 80% less than the #1 result.


Graph of click through compared to page ranking


So enough of this percentage click-through nonsense you say. What does it mean in monthly visitors? On a search term that receives 10,000 searches a month, the #1 ranked result will receive 4230 visitors, the #2 ranked result will receive 1192, the #3 gets 844, #4 603, #5 486, #6 399, #7 337, #8 298, #9 283, #10 297. Then, on page two of the results, #11 only gets 66. Page Ranking Effect on a Keyword with 10,000 Monthly Queries for a Website with $0.43 Per Visitor AverageTo put this into e-commerce terms, if you average $0.43 per visit a #1 ranking generates $1818.90, while a ranking of #11 (first place on page two) brings in a whopping $28.38. It’s easy to see how drastically your page rank will impact the performance and overall solvency of any business online.

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