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Promotional Pop-ups are one of the most effective ways of advertising online promotions or growing your email subscriber list. Anyone who has been in business for a while knows that creating and growing your email subscriber list is the most effective way to generate increased sales. Previous customers have had satisfactory contact with the brand and are easier to convert than new customers. One major element that Magento lacks is the ability to entice these customers with effective pop-ups. This is where the Magento Pop-up Extension comes in. It allows you to easily create any type of pop-up you wish, from email subscription forms, to product promotion forms, promotion countdown pop-ups, or video embedded pop-ups. Easily embed images or videos through the WYSIWYG editor.

Version 3.1 Released Key Features

Works with professional full page caching extensions and server side caching such as Varnish

Track pop-up views and sign-up conversions right inside your Google Analytics.

Other new Promotional Pop-ups Magento Extension features include:
• Ability to send a custom email to visitors who sign up on a per pop-up basis
• Send customers a unique coupon code specific to each pop-up
• Ability to track views and successful conversions via the Magento back-end
• Customize the look, text and thank you message of the sign-up form
• Set a custom time for pop-up to hide if the sign-up is successful
• Target pop-ups to specific customer groups
• Place pop-ups on specific pages through-out the Magento store with integrated widget targeting

This fully customizable Magento Pop-up Extension gives you the ability to set individual cookies for each pop-up, manage the amount of time before the pop-up will reappear, provides the ability to auto close pop-ups after a set amount of time, and the ability to prevent pop-ups from appearing in specific browsers. The Magento Pop-up Extension is built entirely on the prototype framework, ensuring no conflicts with core Magento functions.

When ready, you can easily preview how pop-ups will look on the front-end of the website without activating them for customers to see.

The Magento Pop-up Extension will automatically update your cookie list with all active pop-ups, keeping you compliant with EU cookie reporting regulations.

Promotional Pop-ups extension has been extensively tested on all the default themes and works on Magento 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9.

Promotional Pop-ups, Magento Pop-up Extension is professional developed and maintained solely in the U.S.A.

Promotional Pop-ups Extension Features:

Manage Multiple Pop-ups
Multiple template types, including an integrated email newsletter signup (ties directly into Magento’s newsletter subscribers, making it easy to send promotions)
Set unique height and width for each pop-up
Integrated WYSIWYG for pop-up content creation
Admin test pop-ups without the need to activate them on the front-end of Magento
Ability to set a unique cookie for each pop-up (ensures you don’t spam the user with the same pop-up)
Ability to set a unique expiry time for each cookie (the amount of time before the pop-up displays to the visitor again)
Ability to hide a pop-up for up to a year after succesful subscription via pop-up
Exclude specific browser types from seeing the pop-up
Ability to prevent pop-ups from appearing if browser window is below a specific size
Target pop-ups at specific customer groups
Ability to send a custom email on a per pop-up basis fully customizable via the default Magento transactional email templates
Ability to include a custom coupon code inside pop-up transactional emails
Ability to set an add to cart link of a simple product directly inside the pop-up (Product must be a simple product without custom options)
Place pop-ups on specific pages throughout the Magento store including: Homepage only, products, categories, customer account pages, checkout pages, 404 pages and many more
Customize the blocking modal on a per pop-up basis to include color, images, and even video
Easily adds all active cookie declarations to the privacy policy CMS page
Built entirely on the prototype framework to prevent conflicts

Optional Extras:

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Lifetime Upgrades $39